[ And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God ( Luke 6: 12 ].

The ministry of a prophet cannot be separated from “the mountain” and “the night hour”. A mountain in this regard means a solitary place of separation where he can shout, jump and exercise himself without limit; and in doing this the anointing runs over him. Many of the great exploits of a prophet occurs as he returns from the mountain of prayer (Luke 6:17-19; Luke 9:37-43; Mt 8:1-3; Mt 14:23-24; Mk 6:46-51). The direction for the nation and for his ministry is received while there.

Elisha was so committed to going to the mountain that the people used it in mocking him, telling him to go up, to go up as his manner is (2Kgs 2:23). This mockery of him became a common thing among the people so much children learnt it.

A prophet seeks seclusion and resort often times to the mountain. On the mountain he prays, jumps and shouts because his ministry demands so. There are things a prophet does on the mountain that should not be seen by a carnal man. He may be mistaken for a mad man. He mourns like an owl, may run here and there in the presence of the Lord. Samson exercises himself up and down in the wilderness whenever the Spirit comes on him.

A solitary place is what a mountain or desert mean. It may not mean a physical mountain or a literal wilderness but a lonely place of separation. It may mean a room in a secluded place, an office on the topmost floor where distraction is reduced to the barest minimum (Acts 10:9-13). While there, Peter caught the greatest vision of the new testament that served the compass for the early church. It was on this vision that Paul labored (Acts 15:7-25).

The mountain is a place a prophet relishes to perform. Here they speak with animals and listen to the voice of birds. Synonymous to a mountain are wilderness (Mt 4:1), sea coast (Mt 4:13, Acts 16:13) or an Island. John was cast on the Island of Patmos for the word of God (Rev 1:9).

The mountain is a place most conducive for certain revelations of God. Jesus was always on the mountain. There are great experiences which if done in residential area will create a stir, he had to carry them to the mountain of transfiguration. They spend many times in lonely places and is the reason the record of the family life of most prophets is scanty.

Prophets not only relish going up to the mountain, they greatly revere the night hours.

[ Now a thing was secretly brought to me and mine ear received a little thereof. In thoughts from “the visions of the night” when deep sleep falleth upon men (Job 4:12-13].

The night hours are those times God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets. In the visions of the night, a thing was brought to Eliphaz and his ears were open to receive a portion of it. A spirit passed by him; he was so scared that the hairs of his body stood stll, an image was seen standing right in front of him. This is an experience of a prophet in the night time. The phrase “visions of the night” is a phrase most particular to prophets.

[ Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a “night vision” (Dan 2:19 ].

[ God spoke to Israel in visions of the night and said, Jacob, Jacob. And he said, here I am (Gen 46:2 ; 26:24 ].

Prophets pray through the night so they can receive a vision or hear a voice from the Lord.

[ And the Lord said unto Paul in the night by a vision, do not be afraid any longer but go on speaking and do not be silent (Acts 18:9].

In the night when men are fast asleep, the voice of the Lord becomes audible and his vision clearer. So prophets don’t joke with the night hour.

[ This message came to me concerning Edom. Someone from Edom keeps calling to me, Watchman, how much longer until morning? When will the night be over ? The watchman replies, morning is coming but night will soon follow. If you wish to ask again, then come back and ask ( Isaiah 21:11 NLT ].

Someone was calling Isaiah from Edom in the visions of the night, the same with Paul. In the visions of the night someone was calling Paul from Macedonia (Acts 16:9-10). In the nights the ears of prophets are opened to hear distant calls. The voice from far away Macedonia came : Come over to Macedonia and help us. Here he raised the best beloved church in the European continent. Also, the call from Edom came to Isaiah:  How much longer until morning, when will the night be over ?

Paul was keeping vigil in the night and a man in Macedonia was calling him for help. Isaiah was keeping vigil in the night and the man in Edom was crying out to him for help. The prophet replied him: if you wish to ask again, come back and ask. He was saying to him that though this night will soon be over but I will yet be here another night for your enquiries.

Prophets relish greatly the night hour for in it they receive visions and revelations from the Lord. One thing is unique about the mountain and the night hour: solitude, loneliness, silence and quietness.

[ I will stand  upon my watch and set me upon my tower and I will watch to see what he will say unto me and what I will answer when I am reproved.

And the Lord answered and  said: write the vision, and make it plain upon the table that he may run that reads it  (Habakk 2: 1-2 ].