The missions of the church are outlined below :

1. To establish satellite branches of the church in all the spoken languages on earth.

2. To provide free Bible education to missionaries around the world through the Yeshua Bible School.

3. To demonstrate the love of Christ by establishing care centers in communities of indigent people around the world through the Charity aid foundation.


The Royal Love Assembly is committed to the Bible as the finality of faith and is therefore committed to preaching, teaching, and living out the words of God.

In the church, greatest attention is given to the words of Jesus Christ as the words of the testator, as the rock upon which if any build can never fall, and to the words of his apostles in the epistles of the New Testament.

The overall objectives of the church are :

1. To grow believers to the full stature of Christ.

2. To build a body of believers united together in love.

3. To serve as a light to the world of sinners.

Love is regarded as the greatest effect of rightly dividing the word of truth and the church is therefore committed to making the message of Christ’s love known in all languages on earth.

The Pastors

Dr. Ademola Fajimi, Senior Pastor, Royal Love Assembly & President, Yeshua Bible School.

Rev (Mrs) Lilian Fajimi, Associate Pastor, Royal Love Assembly & Executive Vice-President, Yeshua Bible School.